🔆 Drop Shipping with Sync Logic an App on Shopify 🔆

Watch this video FIRST when setting up your Sync Logic (PLEASE)

SyncLogic is a Shopify app that copies our products and inventory into your store. It is the BEST and EASIEST way for you to market and sell our products on your website without the overhead!

Here is a link to the products we are offering for dropshipping.

Once you have connected with us on SyncLogic your customers can purchase our products through your website. SyncLogic will automatically create an invoice for purchased products on your website. Then it should send you an emailed invoice for you to pay for the products that your customer purchased from you.

Orders will not ship until the product has been paid for by you. At that point, we process and ship the order directly to your customer. We ship the order out either the same day or the following business day. The shipping cost is 0.01lb - 0.6lb for $6.50 or 0.7lb - 1.2lb for $9.50 this covers the shipping cost, labor, and supplies.

🔆 How to setup Sync Logic:

1. Download the Sync Logic app on your Shopify account. Once you have the app downloaded. 

2. You need to click Subscribe to Connection and use the CODE 8BL6V556 to get connected with us. See the 3 attached images for reference on the Subscribe to Connection Steps. 

3. After you type in the code, we will have to approve you before you see our product appear on your website (give it TIME to all sync together)!

4.  After being approved this is VERY IMPORTANT go to your settings within the Sync Logic app and make the required settings changes. See the 1 attached image for reference on Settings ( Subscription Global Sync Preferences) 

Make sure you have created a wholesale account with us on our website.

Hope that helps! Let us know if you have questions or need the images sent in an email please reach out. or 806-557-8607