About The Rowdy Crowd Crew

Rowdy Crowd was established in 2017 in Canyon, Texas.  We came together to bring y'all western fashion, with a touch of ROWDY you can't find anywhere else!  Since then we have gained lots of loyal, wonderful customers and followers, and are so grateful for each and every one of you.  Now based in Amarillo, Texas, we ship daily from our warehouse, but couldn't do it without our ROWDY crew!




Shawna Madill

The warehouse manager, and mom to us all!  She keeps this place running, and we would all be lost without her.  So if you call the warehouse and get her on the phone, give her a BIG thank you!


Ally Curry

Our social media coordinator!  She is sweet and spunky, and full of the best ideas.  So if ya talk to her, thank her for all of the BOMB photos!

Sage Rosenbusch

Co-owner of the Rowdy Crowd.


Ali Hodson

Co-owner of the Rowdy Crowd.